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Pain is a symptom, an indicator that the body is no longer able to maintain its compensations and sending out a call for assistance.  Too often this pain is misused as a diagnosis.  At Rx Rehabilitation our hands-on approach, joint specific mobilizations, soft tissue manipulations and tailored exercise programs aim to help support the body at the level of the cause of the dysfunction to allow the body to heal itself from the inside out.

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Owner and Operator of Rx Rehabilitation,LLC


I have been a physical therapist now for several years, graduating from Quinnipiac University’s doctoral program in 2011. As an athlete, I integrate techniques from my experience with sports and CrossFit with my training as a physical therapist. 

The intersection of physical therapy and CrossFit began for me in 2008 at Columbia, CT where I was doing one of my final clinical affiliations for Physical Therapy school. I was a stressed-out, semi-fit, doctoral student who had spent way too much time sitting and reading to know where I fit in the world. It was at this point, as I was struggling with my own health issues and injuries, that I was taken through my first CrossFit WOD by my physical therapist in the basement of the clinic.  For the first time, I saw CrossFit seamlessly integrated with structural alignment and corrective exercise and the nerd in me found my fitness home. I joined the classes at the CrossFit box connected to the clinic, worked out with some great coaches, colleagues and mentors and my body and my mind began to change and heal. 

I was hooked. 

Since then, CrossFit has been an integral part to my approach to physical therapy and catalyst to cause me to look into tissue dysfunction and how it manifests in functional movement patterns.  No matter your age or limitation, the body has a way of sharing its needs and limitations through movement or lack there of and I love listening! I enjoy watching the perfect balance of strength and flexibility, through all planes with various loads. I love to see people pushing themselves to new heights while being supported and listening to their bodies. 

Rx Rehabilitation serves all people. Whether you are a young athlete, a mother recovering from the birth of her third child or someone with a less active lifestyle just looking for support, I’m here to help!

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We’re here for you when you need us. Click the link below to schedule your appointment through the Square App :

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Unit 10J
(Inside Tolland CrossFit)


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